How can you obtain cheap auto loans?

If you cannot purchase your vehicle from your own resources, you will have to obtain a car loan. The dealer from whom you are purchasing your car may offer you the loan or you can also obtain it from other lenders. There are various ways by which you can obtain cheap auto loans. Some of the ways are : 

 1. Determine your budget : You should first find out how much you can spend on a new car. You must determine your budget keeping in mind your income and household expenses. You should also consider the cost of insuring your car, fuel and maintenance to determine the amount you can afford to pay for your car. According to experts, you should not spend more than 20% of your monthly income on your car.

2. Scrutinize your credit report : The higher is your credit score, lower will be the interest rate on auto loans. You must get a copy of your credit report from the credit reporting agencies and scrutinize it for incomplete/ incorrect information. If there is any wrong information, you should inform the agencies about it. You can also negotiate with your creditors to fix negative listings on your report. To improve your credit score, you should start repaying your debts.

3. Shop around : The interest rates on auto loans vary with lenders. Before financing with your dealer, you must shop around and compare the rates that different banks and credit unions are offering. You can also compare multiple quotes online. By shopping around, you can find cheap auto loans and save on interest payments.

4. Choose the suitable term : By opting for a shorter term of loan, you can reduce your interest payments. Most of the lenders offer a lower interest rate for short term financing.

5. Save up for down payment : The amount you put down directly affects your monthly loan payments. Most of the lenders may offer to finance your car even if you don’t make a down payment. But if you don’t provide a down payment, you will have to pay more in the long run. It is best to make a down payment equal to10% of the purchase price of your car.

You can also obtain cheap auto loans by reducing the purchase price of your car. Most of the motor dealerships offer national and regional rebates to encourage individuals to purchase cars. You can take advantage of the rebates to lower the price of your car. As the purchase price gets reduced, you will require a smaller amount of loan. This in turn will lower the cost of your loan.


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