Which is Better, Bankruptcy Or Debt Consolidation?

Which is better, bankruptcy or debt consolidation, this question hovers over persons head with huge debt. There are also many options available for him other than these two. He can have credit counseling, debt consolidation loan, bankruptcy or debt settlement to save him. But what strikes in one`s mind most, is which is better bankruptcy or debt consolidation. To decide that they must try to imagine in both the situation and consider what is offered in both the options.

Debt Consolidation

If we consider one`s unsecured debts by using the secured loan, some people find it troublesome as we are trying to solve one debt problem with another debt. For others debt consolidation is the permanent solution.

Different unsecured loans (like student loan, credit card debt) can be replaced by single debt consolidation loan. Instead of paying many dues, anyone can be able to consolidate all their debts with paying single lower payment. This can improve the credit score immediately. But there is criteria he had fulfill to qualify for the debt consolidation loan. He must have a stable income source to pay the loan. The lender can also ask for some security like car or house. To consider Which is better bankruptcy or debt consolidation, now concentrate on bankruptcy.


When you haven`t sufficient support to qualify for debt consolidation loan, then one can opt for bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 13 according to circumstances.

Bankruptcy is another way fleeing away from the debts.
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Mortgage Rate Down but can Borrowers Qualify

If you like to have best saving option, then must opt for home mortgage. As the result of Federal`s financial rescue effort mortgage interest rates are declining and making the mortgage more affordable.

But the question is that, whether the borrowers are able to take the advantage of the lower interest rates?

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Women mortgagors outnumbering the Men

According to a recent Fair Investment survey conducted on more than 2000 britishers, more than 44% of the women (home owners) are paying their mortgage in comparison to only 37% of men.

The survey also revealed that average female wages are 25% less than the average male wage.

According to Sharon Bratley chartered financial planner of Fair Investment, Some of the striking figures this survey has pointed are,

1. The statistic reveals that 25% low wages of female than male, in contradict to the Office of National Statistics figure of 17%,. This opens the true facts of women on managerial jobs.

2. It is really interesting to find out that although women are earning less but ready to have a mortgage to have their own home. They are also choosing careers to own a home, sweet home.

These figures show that there is also a significant difference between men and women regarding their dream to have a home.
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