The Student Loan Explained

The student loan helps the students to fulfill their dream. But it is not always true. There are also instance that nipped in the bud for this student loan. Have a look at the options available for you before student loan. You can check the video which states about the student loans in a unique way using play-doh. Hope this can help you to understand the student loan. After having the student loan students also have the option of school loans consolidation to ease off their burden off the debt.
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Health Insurance for the Low Income Family

Health Insurance for Low Income FamilyWhen we feel healthy, we never think what will happen if we fall ill. But it is true that every one can be prey of some disease either today or tomorrow. No one can stay healthy for lifetime. Even anytime we can have to face accidents too. But we seldom think for having health insurance except at the time of emergency. Urgency for health insurance can vary from person to person but it is better to take precautions.

Health insurance not only helps us but also helps our family at the time of emergency. It is always better to cover your whole family with the family health insurance. Today the cost for medication have rose very high and at the time of emergency it is very tough to arrange all the cost all of a sudden. So it is better to be safe.

Today the cost of medical facility is rising vehemently and like wise the cost for health insurance is also rising by leaps and bounds. For the low income families it is really hard to pay the hefty charge to secure their family.

Some state provides help for such families getting their health insurance policies. The low income family must submit a form stating the financial status to the government. Government can offer cheap insurance for them too.

Some websites are also offering cheap health insurance now-a-days. But there are also some companies are there that are giving false promise of coverage. So always choose your health insurance company after studying a lot about the company. Never go by the promises. Always check whether the company is government recognized or not. If the company is truly government recognized then you can be sure that you are in the safe hand. You can also read the reviews on the company and their policies available at different places. This way you can secure a better and tension free life for you and your family.
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More infos on Debit Cards

Protection from identity theft in Debit cardsProtection from identity theft in Debit cards:

Many analysts tell people to choose PIN based debit card as there is a kind protection against the debit card theft. In case of signature based debit card anyone can grab your card and go for shopping but for PIN based debit card its not possible (as long as you can keep your PIN away from the thief).

There is some kind of protection in case the thief grabs your card and goes for huge shopping using your money. But all the protection is available only if you complain about the theft quickly.

Under EFTA or Electronic Fund Transfer Act, if you inform the bank about the theft within 2 business day, then your liability will be restricted to $50. But if you miss the 2 day time limit then your liability can be up to $500. In case of MasterCard and Visa cards, they provide "zero liability" if your card has been stolen. But this assurance is only given for the transactions within the company’s network. If the transactions had been done outside the network, then the liability will be according to the issuing company policy. The policy can be somewhat better or same as Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

Check out for the Hidden Fees:

Check out the hidden fees in the debit cards. Some companies take a monthly fee and some companies charge on debit transactions. Some debit card issuing companies also charge a fee if you use PIN based facility instead of signature based. So always be sure about the fees before using the card.

While buying an item using credit card, you have the option to withhold the payment if you are not happy with the item delivered to you. This right is also safe guarded by Federal Fair Credit Billing Act. But this act can’t be applicable on the purchases using debit card. So it is always advisable to use debit card for smaller purchases and credit card for the bigger purchases. While buying items online, it is always better to use credit cards instead of debit card as the consumer rights are better safe guarded by law for credit cards than the debit cards.
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