Cash Back Shopping is Getting Paid to Shop

Cash back shopping sites on the internet have become an integral part of the shopping experience and shopping expectations for many people. With numerous sites which offer cash back shopping, it is considered best to belong to several different sites in order to get the best deals from the most retailers. In this manner a customer can check to see which site is offering the best deal on a specific product or the best deal for a specific store before they purchase, then purchase the product through whichever site has the offering decided upon.

Some cash back sites offer a sign up bonus and offers a percentage of the cash back earned by anyone who has joined their site through a referral link posted by the customer. Some sites offer multi tiered percentages earned through referrals while some sites only offer a sign up bonus or a single tiered percentage program to their members. Each of these have the advantage of the customer earning money back when they shop as if they were actually getting paid to shop. is one of the most recognizable site names for cash back shopping. It was featured on the Early Show by AOL Consumer Advisor Regina Lewis in December of 2010. With 1200+ businesses working with them on offering cash back shopping, coupons, promotional codes, etc., they are widely considered the number one cash back shopping site. After all, they offer both products and services in their program ranging from clothing to travel to entertainment and much more. Signing up for new membership pays a cash back of $5 and also pays a cash back of $5 for each referral sign up. Currently they are running a promotion for referrals which can earn a person gift certificates for $100 and up. is another great site for cash back shopping. Having all ready dispersed over $3,000,000.00 in funds to their 1,600,000+ members, they come highly recommended. Offering coupons, promotional codes, and special daily deals along with their cash back program, shoppers need to check this site out before purchasing in order to get the best deal and the most for their money.

While there are many sites that offer cash back to their members, and are two highly recommended sites. When shopping, earning cash back is like getting paid to shop. There is a site called which can tell you which site is offering the best deal or the most cash back for products before purchasing. Getting the most for your dollars is easy when you use cash back shopping รข€“ not only do you get the most for your money, you earn money while you do it!
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Perfect financial planning for family

There are many financial cover letter examples available on the web, with all of them having a different approach but with similar context. Some examples of cover letters for financial sector jobs include financial planning cover letter, financial advisor cover letter, cover letter for financial analyst, and many more.

In this section, we have given the key skills and knowledge which one must possess, so that they can be shared in the cover letter to grab the employer’s attention, and win the job opportunity. Here, we have particularly tried to help you write the financial cover letter, which can be utilized by Analysts or Consultants who provide services for helping families to resolve their financial planning needs. There can be a need for financial planning for families for various risks arising out of causes such as divorce, death of the earning member, natural calamities, future financial security, and investment options or for general insurances such as vehicle, fire, medical, retirement/pension and or kids.

There are many reputed financial services providers in the market, and all claim to provide the best of services and investment options. In such situations, it often becomes difficult to funnel them to the best provider. Here, we have listed some basic queries for which a probable customer seeks answer in deciding the ideal financial plan for the family. To be an effective financial planner or consultant, you ought to have all the information, for successfully addressing the customer queries. This can be done, if you are aware of customer needs and wants, and the changing behavioral patterns in consumer buying process.

Given below are basic queries for which today’s customers seeks answers from the consultants, which you must know to meet the needs. It includes:

1.Comprehensive knowledge of different financial plans for family, and the benefit they provide.

2.Comparative knowledge of all financial plans available in the market, risks covered and minimum requirements to avail the plan benefits.

3.Demographic distribution of the place, in terms of income. This will help you in understanding the purchasing power of customers, and their financial status.

4.If you provide investment options, you must have thorough knowledge of market behavior and trends, best investment options, and risk associated with them.

5.One must possess all the required mandatory certifications, to win the trust of customers in terms of reliability and security.

6.Be aware of market trends and latest developments such as new plans or providers, to retain competitive advantage.

7.Redressal mechanism of the service provider for grievance handling

If you are able to address these queries of the customers, you can be an effective family financial planner, and mention them in the financial cover letter with confidence to win the job opportunity.

Some popular plans which you must know and the customer looks for are:

a)Retirement/pension plan

b)Education plans for kids

c)Monthly return plans

d)Market investment plans

e)Life insurance

f)Medical insurance policies

g)Insurance claims and processing

h)Home or other loans providers

These concerns are common to most of the families, and vary in magnitude in terms of budget allocation, from family to family. As a successful family financial planner, you must be able to provide a suitable option, and only then mention them in your financial cover letter.

Being writer from last 2 years I enjoy writing on cover letter for resume, career guide, and resume writing tips. Also, you can find Sample Letters on my blog
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6 Sensational Career Possibilities in International Business

Not everybody within international business will take on these positions, but they can be amazing for those that do. There is great opportunity awaiting but it just takes the right type of background to make it in these roles.

1.Business Strategy Consultant : This takes a lot of knowledge and experience to be successful, but it can really be lucrative. This can be a great position as you can work for yourself or work for a company. This takes a good understanding of the global marketplace and some proven experience within making deals, negotiating, and operating within cultures all around the world.

2.Global Product Director : If you work within a product based company, this is likely the type of position that you will want to strive for. This can be a great way to really spread your wings internationally and to make a name for yourself. You must have a thorough understanding not only of your product line, but also of your company in a global manner. This can really take you to a great place in your career.

3.Global Marketing Manager : If you specialize in marketing, then this is the type of position you work to get to. This is often where executives get moved to if they are interested and well versed in international business. This means that you are creating the strategies for all business practices in all parts of the world. A great opportunity and a very involved type of position!

4.Financial Advisor : If you are well versed within finance or have specialized in it throughout your career, this can be a great opportunity. This means that you will likely be involved in mergers, acquisitions, and providing good sound economic and financial advice. You must be in tune to the global economy as it changes rapidly and know how to respond to conditions effectively.

5.Foreign Market Analyst : You are not only in tune to international business, but you are also very established within finance. You can take a look at current market conditions and make predictions. You can take your work to the next level by showing through experience what will likely happen and how businesses should make their next moves globally.

6.Managing Consultant : This takes on many different titles and shows itself in many different types of opportunities. At the core, this means that you are in tune with international business and you have exhibited enough experience that you work as a consultant for companies globally.

If you want to work within international business, then these are the types of positions that you likely strive for. They can be great opportunities but you must exhibit great experience and background to be successful.

Mary Frederick likes to write about scholarship and financial aid information available for students pursuing their masters international business degree.
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Should I Still Invest In My 401K

401K plans are employer based retirement savings plan that you can contribute to while you are employed. The contributions that you make are often times matched by your employer and then that money is invested in the stock market.

Should I Invest

Yes! Investing in your 401K is a great way to save for retirement and have your employer help pay the bill. Consider that the average stock market returns are going to be 10 percent a year and you will double your investment every 10 years.

What About The Risk Of Losing My Money

Yes, you might lose your money in the stock market, but that is only if you are thinking short term. Remember that the market feasts on those who invest based on emotions, so keeping your everyday reactions out of it and thinking for the future will ensure that you keep your money secure.

Another rule of thumb is to be more aggressive in your investing when you are younger and to be less risky when you are older. The reason is that you have more time to make up your losses if you are younger.

Social Security Isn't Going To Cut It

Unless you have a great level of savings, you aren't going to rely on the government to take care of you. Social Security will pay maybe a few hundred dollars a month, and that isn't going to be enough to sustain your lifestyle. This is assuming that social security may even be around when younger workers start to retire.

This means that you are going to need to invest if you want to have a comfortable retirement. It might seem scary, but you can always hire a professional for guidance as to what you do with your money.

A 401K Makes It Harder To Take Out Your Money

Your 401K account is a great retirement asset because there are so many penalties for early withdrawal. This makes your account less susceptible to you raiding it on a whim. Think about the consequences of taking money out before you are 59 1/2.

-You have to pay a 10 percent penalty on your withdrawal
-You have to pay tax on that amount as well.

This means a 10,000 dollar withdrawal from your account could cost you 2,000 dollars even if you are in the lowest tax bracket. The 401K essentially says that you put your money in there until retirement.

So should you invest into a 401K? Of course you should, there is no reason not to, and very few alternatives to doing so. Your employer will pitch in, meaning that is free money for retirement. The money will continue to grow over time in the market and it will be a great way to supplement your social security income upon retirement.

Cassie Wilson is a writer at
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5 Tips for Mattress Buying on a Budget

Even savvy shoppers sometimes struggle when it comes to buying household items such as budget beds and mattresses. They’re not the sort of purchase that you make every year, and buying guides aren’t as common as they are for major purchases such as cars and electronics. That said, there’s no reason to dread your visit to the mattress discounters – these simple tips will help you to find the perfect bed for your needs, and your wallet.

1.Firmness matters : When buying budget beds, look for a bed that won’t give, but a mattress that will. You want the frame of the bed to be nice and sturdy, and you want a mattress that will support your body, but also mould to it slightly. A mattress that’s too firm is almost as bad as one that’s too soft.

2.Coils, springs or pockets : The type of mattress you choose will come down to a compromise between budget and personal preference. Independent coil mattresses are expensive, but a good choice if you can afford them.

3.Negotiate : Even at a mattress discounters, it is possible to haggle. You probably won’t get a discount on the cost of the bed itself, but you may be able to get free delivery, or some linen of your choice thrown in with the purchase. It never hurts to ask.

4.Know your budget : It’s a good idea to have a firm idea of what you want to spend before you go to the store. Don’t be shy about looking at budget beds that are slightly out of your price range, though. If you know your budget, and you don’t allow yourself to become emotionally invested in buying that slightly more expensive bed, then you will leave yourself in a good position to negotiate with the mattress discounters. If the salesman believes that you are willing to walk away, you will hold more power in the negotiations.

5.Check the warranty : A bed is a big purchase, and you will want to know that it really will last you for ten years. Make sure you know what warranty you’re getting, and that you understand all the terms. For example, some mattresses require that you turn them every six months, otherwise you’ll void the warranty.

Brand matters, even when it comes to budget beds. If you have the choice between a well-known brand such as “Silent Night”, or a completely unknown foreign brand, make sure you know exactly what the differences are. Don’t just believe the salesman at the mattress discounters when he tells you “Oh, this one is just as good”. If the salesman can’t give you concrete information as to how the two brands differ, then don’t buy. There are some cases where the only difference is the sticker – but in many cases there are differences in the materials used, or the quality control. Do you really want to take that chance when it’s your body that will be sleeping on the mattress for many years to come?

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of the Original Factory Shop. James writes on subjects relating to the home and loves passing on tips for frugal living.
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Utilizing small business software to streamline a company and save money

For the small business owner, finding ways to save money is always at the top of the priority list. The economy in the world today is not really in the greatest condition, but small businesses can still flourish and save money in the process. The more money that comes back into the pockets of the small business owners, the more money they can afford to put back into their business and help it grow. Saving money as a small business owner can be difficult, but once you're able to do it month after month, you'll see the savings add up. 

This is where small business software comes in. You can save a lot of money as the months fly by with the help of small business software. The reason that this software helps to save you money is that it takes control of the tasks that you would do manually and does them automatically. For example, one section of a small business software program may deal with payrolls and taxes. Another feature on the software may handle your purchases and sales with venders. Still another aspect of the small business software may directly deal with customer service and community relations. 

The small business software saves you time by doing these tasks automatically. Saving your valuable time increases your earning capacity as a small business owner, because spending less time on these tedious tasks gives you more time to commit to the things that really make a business flourish. Who wouldn't like to have more time to figure out how to make their business earn more money while a software program handles a bunch of small jobs?

Small business software programs also physically save you money. Instead of using paper to keep track of a payroll, the software will do that automatically. You'll no longer need paper checks for payment or paper tax records, which can easily get lost or ruined. All pay records and tax information is kept neatly on the software. You'll save tons of money on paper, ink, staples and other supplies. Instead of paper invoices for dealings with vendors and clients, they'll be sent electronic invoices from the small business software. You'll save even more time and money that you would have wasted on paper with electronic invoices. 

Speaking of vendors, a small business software program can help you stay in contact with them and keep information about them stored in one convenient location. For example, if you were wondering about a purchase you made from a vendor or a purchase they made from you, all you have to do is look for their information in the software program. It will show you all relevant information about that vendor, including sales, bills, purchases and more. 

Small business software programs are invaluable tools in modern business. They are helpful resources that really save the users valuable time and assets to better spend elsewhere. You'll have more time and money to spend on what can really make your business grow and succeed.

Kieron Casey is a BA (Hons) Journalism graduate who blogs regularly on a number of topics including money saving tips and small business software.
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Living Cheaply to Afford College

With the cost of college education skyrocketing every semester, many college students are struggling to afford a degree. We all know the importance of a degree for education and job placement, but with such high tuition costs, students and graduates are forced to live off of roman noodles and PB&J sandwiches to afford textbooks and supplies. Most universities charge additional outrageous fees on top of tuition, even for mandatory classes. As a recent college graduate with student loans, here are three tips for saving a lot of money in college and after graduation that I live by and have saved me thousands of dollars :

1. Never buy a new textbook for yourself only - 

The cost for textbooks these days are astronomically inflated. When possible, rent your books. There are several companies that allow you to rent textbooks, and this can be a huge savings when compared to the cost of buying a book you won’t use after the class. If you can’t rent, try to buy a used edition of the textbook. You can usually save around 50% of the cost compared to a new book, and who cares if someone wrote something in the margins or highlighted a few pages. 

Undeniably, there will be situations where you are forced to purchase a new textbook. If a professor writes a book that is specific to the class you are taking, it’s doubtful you can rent it and the previous semester’s version is out of date. In this case, find a friend to share the book with. By splitting the cost and sharing the buyback (if you’re lucky to get anything for it at the end of the semester), you can save money and shouldn’t be too inconvenienced. The more people you share the book with, the cheaper the cost to you. Keep in mind that this will also mean more people needing the book during exam times when you will be relying on it the most!

2. Living with a roommate - 

Whether in college or not, one can usually find a bigger, CHEAPER place to live when living with more than one person. Additionally, utilities are cheaper per person and goes down as more people live in an apartment or house. Now is the time to live with another person, especially if you don’t have a wife, family, or others commitments which would make living with a roommate difficult. If you can’t find a roommate to live with, check the internet for people looking for a roommate. There are several websites that are similar to Craigslist where people leave postings soliciting a roommate or subleasing a room (where you can usually find a discount compared to the actual price). Just make sure to do your research and actually meet with the other roommates before you move in!

3. Purchase non-perishables in bulk - 

Especially if you are living with roommates, purchase non-perishables in bulk. For example, if you are to buy a single bottle of water, it costs about a dollar. However, you can purchase a 24 pack of water for as little as four dollars! Buying in bulk is a great idea for any beverage. If you are living with a few roommates, or even on your own, it might even be worth buying a membership to Sams Club or Costco in order to save money with bulk purchases.

These tips are just a start to saving up money to get through college and start paying back student loans. There are several other tips that help save a few dollars here and there, such as purchasing generic over brand names and couponing. And these little savings add up to a big saving over time. These three tips I shared can help save hundreds of dollars per month! They are simple and center on one’s willingness to share and be a good roommate. With these three tips in mind, you are well on your way to paying off those students loans and other college debts in no time.
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5 Ways to Cut Down Your Fuel Cost

Fuel is one of the most basic necessities in life for just everybody. Sadly, because the traditional sources of fuel are depleting at a very rapid rate, not to mention the fact that fuel cost can add up to a significantly high figure by the end of the month, finding ways to cut down on fuel cost can be a real life saver. Couple the high cost of fuel and the harsh economic times that have characterized the recent past and you have the perfect remedy to a very stressful and financially straining time. The good news is that there are ways you can beat the escalating cost of fuel. These include:-

Planning your errands effectively – did you know that running day-to-day errands in a haphazard manner can cost you a lot of money as well as fuel cost? Are you going to the shopping mall? Why not pick the kids from school on your way to, or from the shopping mall? Accomplishing all your errands in a single trip can always save you a lot when it comes to fuel cost. A good rule of thumb is to start from the farthest location to the nearest.

Give your car good and regular maintenance – giving your car a good maintenance is one thing, but doing it on a regular basis is another different thing altogether. If you really want to benefit from the best mileage of fuel, ensure your car is properly maintained and on a regular basis. Maintenance can be as simple as tire rotations and regular oil changes, ensuring the tires are well inflated at all times, that the air filter is clean and at its best.

Have you ever thought of carpooling to work? – Carpooling is another great way you can cut down your fuel cost. This is where you and your colleagues living in the same area and working in the same office or in nearby offices decide to use only one car when going to work. By alternating the days, you will discover that you are saving up to 50% of fuel cost on this alone.

Avoid car idle times – one of the best and proven ways to cut down your fuel cost is to avoid allowing your car to idle. When it comes to warming up the car in the morning, 45-60 seconds is enough for that, not letting it sit idle for 15 minutes in the name of warming the car up as you finish breakfast or while watching the news. Car idle times consume up to 30% of fuel.

Only 'punch it' when it is necessary – just how often do you accelerate your car, hitting the gasoline pedal hard? Sometimes this is necessary, like when avoiding a head-on collision or an accident. Punching the pedal anytime you feel like can be compared to flushing your money down the toilet. Learn to accelerate slowly since it consumes more fuel to ensure the car is up-to-speed than it always does when it has to maintain the speed it has already achieved.

Following the above mentioned recommendations will reduce your visits to the fuel pump, increase fuel mileage, and more importantly, save you huge cash on fuel cost. 
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