$6 Million Accidental Bank Deposit, Couple Flees with Money

What happened if you find $6 Million deposit at your bank account? This is not a dream but this has happened in New Zealand, suddenly $6 million deposit was made to the account of a couple. The Westpac bank is trying to track the money back but the couple had already taken out some of the money and left the town. According to the Police the couple had left the country and the bank is now contacting the international authorities to recover the money.
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25 Ways to Save Your Money to Make Your Future Bright

save moneyIn this toughest time when global economy is diving on its nose and many big companies are filing for bankruptcy, every one of us should try to save ourselves from this trend by saving money as much as we can. As early we understand this, that’s better. As individual we cannot change the whole economy but at least we can save our family from this downswing trend.

I am here trying to tell you know some steps that you can take in order to save your money for yourself and also for your family. Please check the series of posts to get the complete picture.

1. Try to have check on spending:

(A) Pen down regularly, every money that you are spending everyday on you and on your family. Regularly check the spending and be sure why and how the money was spent.

(B) Sell that are extra. Search around your home and identify those objects that are not more needed, then sell them off.

(C) Refinance your existing mortgage. To decrease the mortgage payment, opt for refinance.

(D) Make entertainment expenses lower. You can cut down your entertainment expenditure by not buying the DVDs and instead rent them or lend from your friend. For music, games and other stuffs you can apply the idea.

(E) Let your children learn value of money. Give your children some lesson on saving money. Tell them the value of every penny. Teach them how to save money for their future.

Sorry to interrupt you in the middle of the article. Please check the next post on this topic to have more ideas on saving money.
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Student Loan Tragedies

Student loan is one of the helpful system that can help us to find our future but very few are clear about its pros and cons. Every one is busy taking the loan and the lenders also try to keep it under cover. Don't take any hasty decision. Know about the loan, what will happen if you not be able to complete the course and leave it in the midway. There are many things that very few of us know like the student cannot file bankruptcy, they don't have the right to refinance the loan etc. So the student and their parents must be well aware of the pros and cons of the loans to avoid any future complications.
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Have you got Free Credit Report?

This video is a part of the campaign conducted by the Annualcreditreport. The report can help you while buying your home or even getting an insurance. So try to get it fast. Why have to wait for so long when its free. I have told you before about credit scores and its implication. Here are some of those posts that you can check.

The Factors That Can Affect Your Credit Score

How to have an Impressive Credit Score
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