5 Tips for Mattress Buying on a Budget

Even savvy shoppers sometimes struggle when it comes to buying household items such as budget beds and mattresses. They’re not the sort of purchase that you make every year, and buying guides aren’t as common as they are for major purchases such as cars and electronics. That said, there’s no reason to dread your visit to the mattress discounters – these simple tips will help you to find the perfect bed for your needs, and your wallet.

1.Firmness matters : When buying budget beds, look for a bed that won’t give, but a mattress that will. You want the frame of the bed to be nice and sturdy, and you want a mattress that will support your body, but also mould to it slightly. A mattress that’s too firm is almost as bad as one that’s too soft.

2.Coils, springs or pockets : The type of mattress you choose will come down to a compromise between budget and personal preference. Independent coil mattresses are expensive, but a good choice if you can afford them.

3.Negotiate : Even at a mattress discounters, it is possible to haggle. You probably won’t get a discount on the cost of the bed itself, but you may be able to get free delivery, or some linen of your choice thrown in with the purchase. It never hurts to ask.

4.Know your budget : It’s a good idea to have a firm idea of what you want to spend before you go to the store. Don’t be shy about looking at budget beds that are slightly out of your price range, though. If you know your budget, and you don’t allow yourself to become emotionally invested in buying that slightly more expensive bed, then you will leave yourself in a good position to negotiate with the mattress discounters. If the salesman believes that you are willing to walk away, you will hold more power in the negotiations.

5.Check the warranty : A bed is a big purchase, and you will want to know that it really will last you for ten years. Make sure you know what warranty you’re getting, and that you understand all the terms. For example, some mattresses require that you turn them every six months, otherwise you’ll void the warranty.

Brand matters, even when it comes to budget beds. If you have the choice between a well-known brand such as “Silent Night”, or a completely unknown foreign brand, make sure you know exactly what the differences are. Don’t just believe the salesman at the mattress discounters when he tells you “Oh, this one is just as good”. If the salesman can’t give you concrete information as to how the two brands differ, then don’t buy. There are some cases where the only difference is the sticker – but in many cases there are differences in the materials used, or the quality control. Do you really want to take that chance when it’s your body that will be sleeping on the mattress for many years to come?

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of the Original Factory Shop. James writes on subjects relating to the home and loves passing on tips for frugal living.


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