The US Government's National Debt hits $12-trillion it's a Record.

The US Government's National Debt hit $12-trillion it's a Record.

The accurate figure , the total Debt stands around $12,034,157,577,679.76. which has to Divided by total U.S population which is arround $35,000 in debt for each citizen, including woman and babiies too.

plus the US govt is going up sea of debt in high speed . which tooks just 6 ? months of time for Sam to trillion dollars hole in debt while its hitted $12-trillion in September 30th last year. It is also the quickest jump in U.S. report.

The thousand of billions dollars got spent so far to federal also to overcome of financial market situations is a big factor in the total increment . Over $350-billion of debt was accrued sine barrack Obama took office.

federal for budget he has projects faster even increasing the total National Debt. whih will go upto $13.7-t by the fiscal year on Sept 29th. The whole system's five year projections finds that at the last of Sept 2013, the Debt would go to to $15.2-trilion among total Domestic Product in the previous year.

U.S. is also going up in debt so intantly , few investors are worrying on this condition. China says his nation has approx millions dollars invested in U.S. estates, in return they need a written guarantee.

Obama urged there is nothing to worry so much.

" Chinese government is not only the investor , but each investor, may have total faith in the base of fair investments in United States," which he has urged..

it is also because U.S. government's has authority to tax stands to go after all of debt.

in the the time of MR Bush was in 2002, the National Debt was at $6.7-trillion.
The total National Debt at $12.6-t on the time of Barack Obama took the whole reposiblity and office. if his budget schemes are correct , he will erase all the debt which bush government not did in four years.


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