25 Ways to Save Your Money to Make Your Future Bright - Part 2

Saving MoneyThe first part of this series you can find in the post 25 Ways to Save Your Money to Make Your Future Bright part 1
There we have already discussed how we can save money through keeping tab on our spending. Hope after reading that you have used some of them and got some results too.

2. Bank Deposits:

(A) Go and open savings account at a bank nearby. Try to save some dollar everyday and deposit them in the account every week or month. At the end of the year you can discover a lump sum amount in your savings account which can be helpful during medical or financial emergency.

(B) You can also suggest your employer to deposit 10 or 15% of your salary to one bank that pays greater interest rate, this way you can save some money for sure.

(C) If your spouse is a one who can save money then make an account in his/her name without your access and save some money there.

(D) You can opt for a term deposit too. You can save the money there for many days by not withdrawing the money.

(E) You can use some interest paying current account too. There you can get the advantage of having ATM and checque facility. In that you have to leave a certain balance on daily basis and on which you can get some interest too.

In the next post I am going to discuss some more ideas on saving your money to have a brighter future.


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