ABC’s of Debit Card

Debit card usageWhenever you go to open a bank account, you can find the bank is providing a card called Debit card, some call it check card. The debit card can provide you more flexibility while you are in a shopping mood.

Normally ATM (automated teller machine) cards are used to take out money or other transactions at an ATM. But in case of Debit card you can use it at the stores too to buy items. At the time of purchase, the money deducted directly from the bank account. There is no such provision like "pay later" that is available with credit card.

PIN based and Signature based Debit Card:

There are two different types of debit cards can be found in market,
1. PIN Based 2. Signature based.

1. PIN based Debit card :

Some debit cards require PIN or personal identification number to complete the transaction. The direct or PIN based debit card deducts the purchased amount instantly from the bank account. Normally these cards are accepted in the gas station, supermarket, superstores (e.g.-Wal-Mart) and at medical shops.

2. Signature based Debit card :

Signature based debit cards also known as deferred debit card. These cards typically have a Visa or MasterCard logo and can be used at any shops or stores where these cards are accepted. After the transaction the card holder has to sign in the bill copy and the purchase amount will be deducted within 2 or 3 days.

Some banks provide both types of facility in a single debit card. While swiping the card ,the card holder gets the option to choose either PIN based or Signature based.


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