Trading Tips You Should Know

First of all let me say this right from the start so you can decide whether to continue reading this post or leave so you won't waste your time. Trading and understanding the world of stocks and Forex takes time and you will not get rich over night with a few good trades unless you're trading with a huge amount of money, but we're not here for the luck, we're here to make money. If you want to work with hunches and gut feelings search for the nearest casino because trading is one of the hardest professions today but also the most rewarding one.

Just like any new subject or business you should learn it first and with time, trial and error and experience you'll master it and will able to make money, but instead of mastering a regular job or occupying an office for 9 hours each and every day, wouldn't you prefer mastering the world of trading stocks and Forex and make a good living no matter where you are trading from your computer?

This will take time like I said but if you're dedicated, have self-discipline and works according to known and proven stocks and Forex trading strategies and tips, in time you'll become a pro yourself and the money will flow. Yes, you'll have bad days and days when your trades will not go well but in time you'll profit more than you lose and that's where we're aiming. So, here are a few tips I can give you fast just to get you started:

Study the market

Don't jump into trading immediately because you'll lose money. First, try to understand how the market works, what are the forces that drive it up or down, try to predict without trading first if today will be a good and green day or a red day with lows, always study and learn to master.

Trade with a fair amount of money

Here's what I mean by this – never ever trade with all your money. Making money from trading will not be your primary income at first so you should trade with an amount of money you can tolerate to lose if you're wrong with your trades. Think of it as spare money for starters and only when you're more secured and master the market you can trade with a larger amount but never risk it all since trading takes time.

Work with your mind not with your gut

Trading is not gambling and people from all over the world make a living from trading smart and so, if you want to trade right do your homework prior to trading day, know what stocks or currencies you want to buy, know the entering and exit points at all times and work with your mind and never with your gut feelings, this is not a roulette and only if you are prepared and everything is written down ahead of the trading day you will earn more and limit your loses if you were wrong.

These are just a few basic but very important tips I've just shared with you. Remember that every professional trader was a beginner at first but to this day he follows these rules and tips and more to stay ahead in this world and profit from anywhere in the world, anytime. Now it's up to you to decide whether you're entering this world as well to make money or stay outside just because you're afraid. Not matter your decision, I just want to wish you all the best!


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  2. I being a brisbane accountant always keep in mind that Work with your mind not with guts. this works as a very good policy while trading