Wall Street not as Hopeful with Obama

problems of ObamaMany people are optimistic about the prospects of economic growth under President Barack Obama. But in the stock exchange the stocks dived on the Inauguration Day on the fears of having more bank problems in future.

Most people are placing their hope on Obama for The Economic stability. But Wall Street is not so optimistic about that as they are frightened of future bank problems.

Everyone round the world was happy and excited at the time of inauguration as 44th President of USA. But the Wall Street was not so excited.

The average Americans were happy and eager for the change but the investors were not as confident as usual. Almost every stock went downwards on January 20.

STT has already reached its half value after the premonition of 2009 as the tougher year. Some banks like Bank of America and Citigroup have touched its lowest value.

The only question which rises in mind is that what President Barack Hussein Obama can do to take the Economy back on its track.

In his Inaugural Address Obama expressed that the economy has been under bad stress and is now weak. He said that there is a fear among Americans that America's decline is unavoidable, so the next generation has to lower its vision. Obama also asked for more "bold and swift" action to restore the wrecked economy.

But the experts are not happy only with the call for action, they are looking for drastic steps like a plan to help to restore the America`s ailing banks.

Obama has said that economic crisis cannot be solved in a quick, it will need sometime. But some market strategist predicted that the new Government’s initiative will show some results for solving its credit crisis and the $800 billion package will stimulate some blood to the dying economy. The market analysts imagining Obama as a positive catalyst who can show us better economy later in the summer. The package cannot beat all the problems but it can heal some of its wounds and can give the market a hope for new life.


  1. Yes,I agree. The situation is really so confused. Perhaps when we feel the most bad situation comes,the hope also come. ^_^

  2. Now only we can hope for the best...

  3. Not only wall street, but the entire world have hope on Obama.