Obama's Biggest Challenge

Obama at helm of America

In his first 100 days as president, Barack Obama has to face many challenges. The recession wrecked, hammered and bruised from the 8 years of Bushism, America has placed great burden of hope on his shoulder.

With 73% favorite rating (most in recent days), Barack Hussain Obama has to do something for everyone. The scale and magnitude of his problems that he is going to inherit can only be matched with the irony “stratospheric expectations”. Among these pressures he is going to face the real situation at White House.

In his first 100 days, to satisfy all who are dreaming him as a ray of hope, will be the biggest challenge for him. The major fronts he is going to face are like economy, foreign policy for Middle East, Iran, Pakistan and Afganistan etc. Lets have a look at his challenges in the financial front.


TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Programme) and ARRP (American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan) will guzzle $1.5 trillion. The experts are also not confident about its outcome, whether it will restore the confidence in the financial system or not. Officially the US Economy has been in recession since the starting of the 2008. Since then 2.6 million people has lost their jobs and the optimists too hope that this situation will also last at least one or two year.

The decreasing housing market and record foreclosures can increase the tension of the Democratic President. Will he be going to spend big to be the instant hit or he choose the middle way? Like- he is going to spend $800 billion to provide infrastructure jobs. Will it be better if he choose to have tax cuts? Will it be better to take long gestation projects like bridges, roads or to take other short-term remedies? He also has to tackle the budget deficit of $1 trillion-plus.


  1. I think Obama will be able to over come all the financial crisis.

  2. Its good that you have posted an article about Barack Obama's beginning of the presidential era.We all hope that Barack Obama will be able to live up to our expectations esp. of our generation. As He says "YES WE CAN!!"

  3. Hi,

    Firstly my inputs to u will be to change the front page back ground colour or change the font colour. Its not very easily visible.

    To say abt Obama; the article which you have posted look good, but to comment on his capability of a person with just looking at his initial work done will be not viable. but hearing at his speech and action he has started imposed looks gr8. In the coming days lets hope for the best for the let c what does that three golden words mean "YES WE CAN"...