Business Budgeting: Monthly Copier Lease Rates

For many business owners who don't have the budget to buy a large, high-capacity commercial copier, leasing is a smarter and more affordable alternative. Leasing is also great for small to medium offices in need of equipment on a limited budget.

However, it's very important to become familiar with average monthly copier lease rates to make sure you are getting the most competitive deal when signing a lease for office equipment.

Average Monthly Copier Lease Rates for Small to Large Offices

So what are the prices? Glad you asked:
  • To lease a business copier with a 2500 count paper capacity, 45 CPM, and network printing functions, it can cost $208 a month for a 39 month lease.
  • An even larger commercial quality color copier can be leased for $309 a month with a 60 month minimum lease, with additional 6 cent charges for color copying and 1 cent charges for black and white copies.
  • Smaller offices can take advantage of a cheaper $70 per month lease for a low-volume copier with 20-30 ppm.
If you're still at a crossroads and can't decide whether it’s the smartest business solution to lease or buy a copier, it’s essential to assess if your business can afford paying a monthly lease throughout the entire term of the agreement.

Copier Leasing versus Buying

Most copier leases are long agreements that will extend from one to three years with monthly payments required for the duration of the contract.

Business Budgeting: Monthly Copier Lease Rates
For businesses that don't have thousands of extra dollars in their budget to purchase a large-scale commercial copier outright, leasing may seem to make more sense. However, the cost of a lease for several years must be tallied and compared to the total investment of purchasing a commercial volume copier outright.

In many instances, a copier lease may work better for an established business or a company that has short-term copying needs. But if you are a small to medium-sized company that has the means to put a down payment on a commercial copier, it will be wiser investment of your funds since you will own the equipment in full.

How to Compare and Find the Best Copier Lease Rates

Taking into account that a copier lease could range from as little as $70 per month to over $300 per month for a 60 month lease, it's important to compare average prices from leasing retailers before entering into an agreement.

As you begin to compare copier lease rates between leading companies, take the time to calculate the total cost of buying a copier compared to how much you will pay for the entire length of your monthly contract. This will give you actual numbers that you can use to determine if the expense of a copier lease makes more financial sense than setting up a payment plan to buy a copier brand-new.

About the author: Sylvia enjoys writing about ways business owners can save money. Researching copier lease rates is just one of the methods she’s written on.


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