Retirement Annuity – A Financial Means to Live Life Happily

Undeniably, there are several retirement policies to consider in the global economic market. Once you start ransacking the online search engines, you come across numerous financial policies that have been designed to keep retirees financially secured throughout their retirement period. One such monetary scheme is annuity that can be accessed only on making an agreement with an insurance company. Once the contract is successfully made, the insurance company will keep providing a regular income to the annuitant till the policy matures. There are many retirees who buy annuity schemes with the intention to give proper shape to their finances that can help them strengthen their financial abilities during the postretirement period. Well, you can do the same only after proper research work.

Types of Annuity Schemes

Now, there are different types of retirement annuity plans – Fixed and Variable.
  • Fixed – The annuity plans under this category are usually invested in conservative vehicles or the bond funds used by an insurance agency. In fact, one is not required to spend time in handling the investing after the payment of the premium. This entire task will be handled by the insurance company singlehandedly.
  • Variable – The rate of interest can never remain stable in case of a variable annuity. It all depends on the market conditions whether the interest rate for variable annuities will rise or fall.

Which is Safer – Variable or Fixed

Annuity professionals now opine that a variable annuity is the best financial policy that can let retirees obtain potential gains. However, risks are certainly involved since variable annuity holders will have to remain in anxiety whether the market conditions experience any turmoil. Once it happens, their interest rates will be lowered and consequently, their income will be reduced to a good extent. In this respect, a fixed retirement annuity is still a safer option since you will enjoy a fixed rate of interest till your annuity contract comes to an end.

Look for Good Insurance Companies

Remember, a good insurance company will allow you to set a time period of your choice. However, annuitants prefer to pay off the annuities over a time period of five, ten or maximum fifteen years. In this context, lifetime annuity is certainly a superb option since the annuitant gets an assurance that he/she can now live significantly longer than average. If the annuitant however dies before the completion of the term set in the contract, he/she will not get the extra funds hidden in the premium.

Check & Compare Retirement Annuity Rates

The annuity rates vary from one insurance company to another. The better the rates, the greater are the returns. However, there are several factors that determine how good the returns can be. The insurance company’s management overhead; the role of investments; the number of customers; the condition of the business etc are some of the prime factors that actually judge the nature of your returns. So, research accordingly and find a good insurance company to buy a retirement annuity policy.


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