5 Ways to Cut Down Your Fuel Cost

Fuel is one of the most basic necessities in life for just everybody. Sadly, because the traditional sources of fuel are depleting at a very rapid rate, not to mention the fact that fuel cost can add up to a significantly high figure by the end of the month, finding ways to cut down on fuel cost can be a real life saver. Couple the high cost of fuel and the harsh economic times that have characterized the recent past and you have the perfect remedy to a very stressful and financially straining time. The good news is that there are ways you can beat the escalating cost of fuel. These include:-

Planning your errands effectively – did you know that running day-to-day errands in a haphazard manner can cost you a lot of money as well as fuel cost? Are you going to the shopping mall? Why not pick the kids from school on your way to, or from the shopping mall? Accomplishing all your errands in a single trip can always save you a lot when it comes to fuel cost. A good rule of thumb is to start from the farthest location to the nearest.

Give your car good and regular maintenance – giving your car a good maintenance is one thing, but doing it on a regular basis is another different thing altogether. If you really want to benefit from the best mileage of fuel, ensure your car is properly maintained and on a regular basis. Maintenance can be as simple as tire rotations and regular oil changes, ensuring the tires are well inflated at all times, that the air filter is clean and at its best.

Have you ever thought of carpooling to work? – Carpooling is another great way you can cut down your fuel cost. This is where you and your colleagues living in the same area and working in the same office or in nearby offices decide to use only one car when going to work. By alternating the days, you will discover that you are saving up to 50% of fuel cost on this alone.

Avoid car idle times – one of the best and proven ways to cut down your fuel cost is to avoid allowing your car to idle. When it comes to warming up the car in the morning, 45-60 seconds is enough for that, not letting it sit idle for 15 minutes in the name of warming the car up as you finish breakfast or while watching the news. Car idle times consume up to 30% of fuel.

Only 'punch it' when it is necessary – just how often do you accelerate your car, hitting the gasoline pedal hard? Sometimes this is necessary, like when avoiding a head-on collision or an accident. Punching the pedal anytime you feel like can be compared to flushing your money down the toilet. Learn to accelerate slowly since it consumes more fuel to ensure the car is up-to-speed than it always does when it has to maintain the speed it has already achieved.

Following the above mentioned recommendations will reduce your visits to the fuel pump, increase fuel mileage, and more importantly, save you huge cash on fuel cost. 


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