Global Financial Instability at Its Peak

Guest post by : Sirangi Kalpana

The term global finance has become a very difficult term to be understood from a larger perspective. The recent recession has left millions of people jobless and the memories are still fresh for the people those who received the pink slip. There were lots of impacts and people even lost their lives due to the financial meltdown. Apart from the job loss, the real estate bubble left millions of house owners with absolutely no value for their properties and they saw a fall of about 60% of the prices in just a span of one year. It will take more than 5 to 6 years to regain the value and the crisis had spread around the globe to leave the same amount of impact.

Thanks to the immediate actions and recovery plans that helped the global countries to bounce back sooner than expected. It was the developing countries who had a strong growth in the post recession period. The developed nations struggled a lot to bounce back and most of these countries even had negative inflation rates. The central banks of every government had spend trillions of dollars to improve the money supply in the market. Global leaders like USA, Canada, France and other European nations are on their way to the economic revival. Even a 3% GDP growth is said to be superior under the current scenario.

Experts say that the worst is not over. The ongoing Middle East crisis has again triggered enormous amount of problems throughout the globe. These countries are rich in oil resources and remain as the largest crude oil exporters to the rest of the world. The ongoing crisis has halted the production of crude oil because of which the oil trades at 30 month high. This problem cannot be isolated and it will result in many other problems. For example, the price hike in this oil barrel will be impacted in the prices of the petroleum products. This will in turn affect the prices of essential commodities around the globe. This will even affect the basic prices of essential food commodities.

The food prices around the globe have remained high in the past 2 years. This has resulted in pushing more number of people below the poverty line and the number of malnourished children is on the rise. There are many families in Africa and Asia who still struggle to earn $1 per day. These people are deprived of food which ultimately results in starvation. People lose their patience and start fighting against the governments which will result in worst situations. The food inflation has remain in the double digits and the prices of commodities have seen a 15% rise in the past 5 months according to a UN report. The recent developments in the industrial and financial sectors increase the gap between the rich and the poor. The line of demarcation seems to be widening and people are unable to survive against the hard hitting price rise.

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