Different Types of Auto Insurance Plans

Auto insurance is a kind of insurance that you can purchased for your different types of vehicles. Auto insurance protects your vehicle from the future damages . Auto insurance is a contract between the insurer and the insurance company. You only need to pay the have to pay the premium on time and the insurance company gives protection to your vehicle..

Different types of auto insurance : -

1.Fully-comprehensive auto insurance : This auto insurance policy cost you a lot but it is very popular. By this policy you can get compensation for all sorts of cases like accident,theft etc . Thar is why it is very popular. For an example if you have done an accident on which you don't have any fault and the other driver due to which the accident is happened is not going to give his insurance details on that case you can directly claim against your insurance company. But while taking this policy you need to keep this thing in mind that weather the company insure your vehicle of its 100% or not. Because in a case if your car get stolen then by this policy you can directly claim against the insurance company.

2.Third party, fire and theft benefits : This insurance policy is helpful for those persons who had some great sentiments to their cars even if they have completed their loans. But in this policy you can only get the claim in a case when you are at fault and you had hit to another car or any vehicle but if you have wrongly hit a wall or a tree then the insurance company will not give you any compensation for that.

3.Third-party insurance policy : This insurance secures you from such conditions like when you have done an accident and you have fault in that and you have hit the third party. But except this in all other cases the the insurance company will not give you payment .In all other events, the auto insurance company will not give you payment. This is one of the cheapest car insurance and this is purchased by those car owners who have old cars and whose cars value is zero.

4.Specialized-car insurance policy : Any car which is more than 25 years old is considered as classic . And these types of cars insured as a classic. This insurance policy has all the benefits of fully comprehensive auto car insurance. The main disadvantage of this insurance policy is that you are allowed for a limited number of road miles to drive in any given year.


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