Six stages of Stock management

The efficiency in performance of the workers of any material handling industry or company depends upon the honest and hard labor of the workers. The staffs when looks after the management of a particular company’s stock, it means that the workers have to be very skilled and efficient as well as experienced. The sequences of work which takes place in a sector where the workers take care about the various material and equipments of stock management are as follows:

1. Firstly the workers keep the record which says about the orders made by the far customers and clients who purchase the product from that particular company.

2. Secondly the workers have to maintain the purchase orders which are issued by the head office, once an order has been made.

3. Thirdly the packing of the ordered good are done.

4. Fourthly the packed goods are parceled to the vendor of the shipping department.

5. Then the packed goods are shipped to the warehouse where it is stored until the delivery.

6. Lastly the goods reach the clients end.

A company can ahead in the race with the other companies in the same criterion, only if they have very good quality workers who work for the stock management of a company. It requires a lot of determination and innovative ideas which makes the company supreme and stands alone in the queue of perfection. The stocks of materials which are used for Stock management are also known as inventory. And so the twin name for Stock management is inventory management. The two systems in which the Stock management works is push system and pull system. Both the systems very efficiently manage the stocks or the inventories. The good management of stocks earns a lump sum amount of money for the stock holders of any big industry or company.


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