2 steps to cliam insurance claim

planning for Insurance claims??

2  steps  in making an insurance claim
steps for claiming  insurance Policy: 
  1. Make a contact to  your agent: First make a  contact to agent agent.collect total  information (name, address, policy number, the date and time of your loss). Also when You are away. shoot a mail contains the total details of the related matter.  Take  a copy of that mail. It might possible that adjuster visit your assets evaluate about the total damage.also dont forget to verify that  adjuster has the proper licensed or not.

   2. Giving proper time along with your adjuster:  You should co-operate while the adjustor comes to find  the total  damage.  The reason he is also there to assist  you and also to your insurance claim. You need  to follow the adjuster so  that he calculate and measure  the actual cost of the  total  items.  you  both need to agree upon the extent of damage, discuss almost  every thing with that adjuster.

And last but not the least , it is  also suggested  that  you need to  file your insurance claims  just after  all the damage is found. You  may also  call up the insurance customer care help line for  detail  information.


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