Let’s Change Our Money Habits

Manage-the-moneyEveryone likes to have more money but when you are living on a fixed income then to make huge money is very tough. But if you try to follow some rules then you can save some money for your future which can help you to create heap of money in future. You don’t have to cut all the expenses off and make the life a dull, but if you use the money wisely then you can enjoy the life more. If you can change the habits then you can keep tab on the wastage of money and also use the money for more important usage. If you change the money habit, then you have to worry less before spending the money as you have enough money to enjoy the life in its full. I am trying to point out some of the bad money habits that is harming us like an swine flu epidemic.
  • Expenditure greater than the income.
  • Late payment of the bills and instead of getting rebates you are paying the penalties for late payment.
  • Impulsive buying.
  • Paying the minimum credit card payment and paying high interest rates.
  • Using your full credit card limit.
  • No emergency fund for unexpected reasons.
  • No clear idea about where to spend or not.
  • Borrowing money from others to do the expenditures at the end of the month.
  • Giving very expensive gifts to the others.
These habits are really tough to change but to stop these are the need of the hour. Otherwise it can be really late to recover. At first identify all the bad money habits.
Today’s tips is now over, I have to leave now and we will discuss in the next post, till then goodbye.


  1. Yes Jim, we all are money lover. Good to see that somebody is there who is taking care of us by posting such suggestive type article about money saving…

    Thank you

  2. I try to give some insight into the money matters as this thing controls most of our activities on earth and many thinks our planet not round the sun but round the money.