Good Bye MJ

micheal jackson funeral

The Staples Center memorial of LOS ANGELES, California experiences the last show of the Pop King Michael Jackson. His funeral was the biggest attraction of the day. Every channel was covering it live for their viewers.

micheal jacksonDuring the one and half hour show the web traffic also rose by 31% above the average.
During the whole show MJ was lay silently at the foot of the stage in a bronze casket. It was covered with red roses. Every one was there to be part of the last show except MJ. Many Hollywood celebrities took part in the show to deliver their regard to the best entertainer of the world. MJ died on 25th June due to the cardiac arrest, but the exact cause of his is still mysterious like his private life.

The cost for providing the security for this occasion was estimated between $2 and 4 million. The city is already under the debt of $530 million and asks the MJ fans to donate some money to help the city to bear its expenses through a webpage.

The program was full of the emotional remembrance of the Jackson family and friends. The audience and the viewers, fans were also paying tribute to their silent star. Jackson's three children were also part of the show and they sang for their father too.

MJ in his career tried to be pan-racial through his music and appeal. "It don't matter if you're black or white" – was the lead line that made him African American icon for decades and he will remain that for years.

We will never forget you, MJ!!!
micheal jackson

micheal jackson


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