Is your card info really secure?

The biggest identity theft case ever prosecuted in America, turned the spotlight on just how secure is our credit or debit card information?

This question is a simple one but the answer might seem to be a bit harder to pin down.

VeriSign that secures websites for e-commerce, told the BBC that debit and credit card information is "vulnerable" but they are thinking with retailers to alter that.

"Credit and debit card information is just not incredibly secure," said Perry Tancredi, senior product manager of VeriSign for fraud detection.

"But it is counterbalanced by the amount of fraud losses due to cheque fraud and direct debit fraud which is much greater than credit card fraud."

Mr. Tancredi told: "Regardless of how strong the security measures, and how vigilant, the weak part of the chain is there is always a human who is responsible and who has overall control over the information."

He suggested the best way was for all users to "assume that there will be some sort of fraud on your account sooner or later" and put in place a plan to counter with it.

How to be safe

Espousing a completely different view is Jerry Tabeling who is the president of IDP, a company that carry out vulnerability assessments of networks and online business applications...

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